When Disaster Strikes: Profiles of Disaster Recovery

Posted 2017-09-06

When natural disasters strike, your planning and preparation can mean the difference between bouncing back or being swallowed whole. These two profiles represent two different experiences — learn from both, and nothing will be able to stop your company.



How Hackers Can Infiltrate Your Network through Your Printers

Posted 2017-08-16

Using network printers makes good business sense, but they can leave your business vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn about the security risks and what you can do to mitigate them.



5 Myths about Ransomware Debunked

Posted 2017-08-10

Despite attacks like WannaCry, some businesses do not take the ransomware threat seriously. This lack of concern is often due to common misconceptions about ransomware. Here are five myths debunked.



Petya Ransomware Affecting Critical Systems Globally: Here’s What to Do

Posted 2017-06-28

Cyber attack sweeps globe.



The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Email Services to the Cloud

Posted 2017-06-07

Many businesses have moved their email services to Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite to reduce costs. If you are thinking about making a similar move, you should consider other factors besides the financial impact. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind.